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Product Solutions

Have an idea for a plastic product? We can help you bring it to market. We concentrate on working with only the best manufacturers across Ireland and Europe and with two decades of experience in the industry we’re confident we can help you find the most suitable solution.

Thermoforming is a plastic moulding technique that can provide a wide variety of highly usable products. In order to form the mould thin plastic sheets are heated at high temperatures so they can be manipulated to the right shape. Once the correct temperature has been reached, it is formed over a female or male mould.

Injection Moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts in large quantity. It is normally used in mass-production processes where the same part is being created thousands or even millions of times in succession.

Vacuum Forming is a similar process to Thermoforming and is a popular method due to its production speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness. Accurate prototypes can be quickly developed to prove parts before there is a need for full production.

Press & Drape forming is for smaller quantities of formed shapes or materials that can be hard to Thermoform. This process uses pressure rams and timber moulds to form a heated plastic sheet.

With just the touch of a button we can take your cad files, drawings and designs and convert them into something real and tangible. We pride ourselves on the quality of the plastics we use and ensure you receive the highest quality and best service possible.

CAD/CAM software is used to design and manufacture prototypes, finished products, and production runs. An integrated CAD/CAM system offers a complete solution for design right through to manufacturing.

Rendering specializes in creating photo-realistic 3D product images for pre-visualization and can be used in marketing and branding. The very latest industry standard tools and technologies are used for this 3D modelling & rendering.

Rapid Prototyping 3D printer or CNC router is the easiest and most cost effective way to take great ideas to successful products before having to committ to expensive production tooling.

Product Development

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